YouTube Marketing (Module)

01. Basic Discussion about YouTube Marketing Techniques
02. Channel Creating
03. Apply for Monetization
04. Video Uploading and Editing Techniques


05. AdSense Applying
06. Working with Tags and Descriptions
07. Dashboard and Live Streaming
08. Analytics Techniques
09. Translations and Transcriptions
10. Satisfactions by Earning

  • Why YouTube?
  • How to create a powerful YouTube channel
  • How to Upload and optimize video?
  • YouTube keyword research.
  • How to earn by YouTube from affiliate marketing?
  • How to earn by YouTube from CPA marketing?
  • How to earn by YouTube from Google Ad-sense?
  • YouTube SEO.
  • What is on-page SEO?
  • Off-page SEO.
  • How to make effective title?
  • The secret of the Video description.
  • Tags
  • YouTube Ad-sense.
  • YouTube video ranking secret.