Web Design & Development (Module)

What is the Importance of a Website in eCommerce?

  • Difference between traditional business and Ecommerce
  • Why Website is mandatory to run a business
  • Why you must have knowledge about the website

How to Start?

  • What is domain & hosting
  • How we will buy domain & hosting
  • How to activate the domain and hosting properly

Introducing CMS for Beginners

  • Website making history how it was started
  • What is coding for making a website
  • Introducing CMS
  • Difference between coding method and CMS for making a website
  • Introducing different type of cms
  • The suitable type of CMS for beginners

How to Develop a Website With WordPress

  • How to install WordPress in hosting
  • Introducing a theme for WordPress
  • Paid theme vs Free theme
  • Installation process theme in WordPress
  • How to customize the theme
  • What is the plugin on how to use it
  • How to create different pages on the website like gallery, blog, registration
  • How to create the post on website in the blog

Website maintenance

  • How to submit the website in google
  • Website security issue
  • What security steps we should take to make our website secure
  • Security Plugin and free SSL

Marketing of Website

  • Webpage Seo
  • Home Page Seo
  • SEO classification on-page SEO and off-page SEO

Future Steps With eCommerce Website

  • Innovation in website
  • What should we do about the Updates of WordPress and plugins
  • Weblink with facebook page