eCommerce A To Z (Module)

Lesson Topic
1.1What is a digital commerce business?
1.2Discuss digital commerce business models.
1.3Traditional business vs digital commerce business.
2What you need before starting your digital commerce startup.
2.1Team Buildup and Skill Development.
2.2Planning and Goal Setup.
2.3Choosing a business name & branding design.
2.4Investment and Budget.
3Market analyses & product sourcing
3.1Market Analysis and Product Selection.
3.2Product Sourcing and Supply Chain Management.
4What you need after starting your digital commerce startup.
4.1Domain & Hosting for digital commerce.
4.2Create a Facebook business page.
4.3How to promote my business/Facebook boost post.
5Platform in Digital Commerce
5.1Digital commerce Website.
5.2Digital commerce Content Management System (CMS) and Popular CMS.
5.3How to set up a digital commerce website without coding knowledge.
6Digital Content in digital Commerce
6.1Graphics design for Digital commerce.
6.2Website design for Digital commerce.
6.3Facebook page design for Digital commerce.
6.4YouTube channel design for Digital commerce.
7Selling Strategy in digital commerce
7.1Product Description and Review.
7.2Upsells and Cross-Sells.
7.3Smart Pricing and Quality Assurance.
7.4Stock/Inventory Management.
Lesson Topic
8Marketing for digital commerce
8.1What is offline marketing?
8.2Offline Marketing (Media and Campaign)
9Digital Marketing & Branding
9.1What is Digital Marketing & Branding?
9.2How to use digital marketing in digital commerce?
9.3Social Media Marketing (Facebook, YouTube etc).
9.4Email Marketing with digital commerce.
9.5SMS Marketing with digital commerce.
10Affiliate Marketing with digital commerce
10.1What is Affiliate Marketing?
10.2How to use Affiliate marketing in digital commerce.
11Promotion for digital commerce
11.1Discuss of Photography.
11.2How to use photography in digital commerce?
11.3Discuss of video & animation.
11.4How to use video and animation with digital commerce?
12.1How to get an investor for your STARTUP?
12.2Venture capital vs Angel Investors explained.
13Customer Services & Relationships
13.1Order and Customer Management.
13.2Basic of Customer Services and Support.
13.3Customer Services: Relationships and Returns.
13.4Customer Service: Deliveries and Deadlines, Impression and Follow-Up.
Lesson Topic
14Shipment Method and Delivery System
14.1Courier service with digital commerce.
14.2Bangladesh Postal Service and Courier.
15Payment Method and Gateway
15.1Payment Method (SSL/Bkash/Bank/others).
15.2Payment Gateway with digital commerce.
15.3Transaction/Account Management.
15.4Privacy Policy, Terms, and Condition.
16.1Effective Communication.
16.2Communication within & Outside of the team.
16.3Innovation in digital commerce (E-Commerce).
17Market research & analyses
17.1Analytics and Report.
17.2Retargeting and Remarketing & Future Trends.
18Tips and Tricks
18.1Trust Buildup and Success Review.
18.2Tips and Tricks: Business Documentation, Promotion and Campaign.
19.1How to get your DC Forum membership and why?
19.2Wrapping up & conclusion of the digital commerce business.

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